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At Learnathon, we take pride in our ability to meet client request with a solution focused approach.

Our USP is putting experiential learning matrix clubbed with science into leadership. We combine psychology and training methodology as two driving engines, enabling us to create and deliver unique solutions. Your return on investment is important to us.

You invest in your people through Learnathon training methods and experiences and your business deserves a return.

We’re happy to discuss ROI measures in detail; for many companies the combination of performance improvement and seeing the company values being lived every day is enough.

The corporate world is still emerging and we are all looking to the future. The most important component of the new era is an organization’s people and their wellbeing. The shackles are coming off, people will look for new opportunities within their current organization or may be looking for fresh fields.

Niharica Dutt

Founder and CEO


Resilience is what best describes Niharica Dutt, an experienced HR professional she has her expertise in Industrial Relations and Labor laws.

Post her stint with Unilever she wanted to create a reach in the space of skilling and creating employee experience as she firmly believes healthy and engaged employees are highly productive.

In the year 2022 she has been awarded women entreprenuer in the Training and Development space and India’s young business women entrepreneur.

Having worked with some of the best leaders in the industry, she drives her passion for Learning and development a self-starter and highly energetic individual, she sets herself and team for achieving the best.

Learnathon works closely with business as their extended training business partner, from cognitive testing to gamification Learnathon has customized workshops that cater to business needs making it effective for business and employees.

Thereby, creating an eco-system where skilling needs are met by creating engagment for organizations/Institutions.

Chairman Learnathon

Dr. M.L Dutt (Phd in educational psychology)

The Man behind the vision, Passionate about Research Methodology, developing new product and services in Behavioral Assessment using empirical data by undertaking R&D in action, operation & Fundamental Research.

Passionate about competency and skill assessment in employment testing and posting to an appropriate job. He has a total of 36 years of experience and has been associated to Institute of Banking and Personal Selection (IBPS)

Our History

Learnathon is backed by 28 years of experienced industry experts in domains of testing, behavior, Leadership and Coaching.

Learnathon supports in bridging business challenges with solution focused outcomes by having sessions backed by a combination of excelled domain specific experienced facilitators and science. Methodology is experiential training.

“It’s when you Do It Yourself, You Know How It Is To Be Done, So Let’s Make Things Happen” – Niharica Dutt

Over the next 7 years we aim to curate an eco-system where in we impart skill training to organizations and institutions by reducing skill gap and focusing on reskilling and upskilling initiatives, led by our team.

At Learnathon we believe that good communication helps you strike the right conversation leading to productive outcomes and easing challenging projects.